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Sponsor Spotlight: XTERRA Wetsuits (Jay Weber)

Jay Weber XTERRAMeet New England Tri Fit’s National Sponsor: Xterra Wetsuits

Tell me who you are and what you do?

My name is Jay Weber and I am the XTERRA Wetsuits Regional Executive for the Northeast and Eastern Canada.

XTERRA is well known for their wetsuits. What other products do you offer?

In addition to both full-sleeved and sleeveless wetsuits, XTERRA offers transition backpacks, and our new LAVA Pants. The LAVA Pants are a neoprene pant that provide flotation for the legs and are great for pool training, as well as warmer open water swims. We also offer t-shirts, race belts and mesh bags. For the extra cold days, we offer our new LAVA booties, which are similar to surf booties, but provide a much tighter fit to ensure that water is not constantly exiting and entering. We have also entered the paddleboard market with our inflatable Standup Paddleboards, under the brand name XTERRA Boards.

Are you a triathlete yourself?

Yes, I have been competing in triathlons for six years and have competed in all distances ranging from sprints to Ironman. I now prefer the sprint distance because the feeling of going as fast as possible with your heart racing is exhilarating. In addition to competing, I am a certified USAT coach as well as a WTC, USAT and ITU certified official.

Are you a proponent for sleeves or sleeveless suits?

I prefer the full-sleeved wetsuit. Although I am a hearty New England boy, I don’t like cold water, and love the extra surface area to go as fast as I can. Rarely have I felt that I was overheating in a race because of the early morning starts.

What is going to be the future technology of wetsuits?

The future of wetsuits is going to include vibrant yet effective technology. It is going to include newer materials that assist the swimmer and improve efficiency – it may even do the swimming for us!

I imagine you spend a lot of time around, if not participating in athletic events… what is your favorite vice?

Beer! San Diego County has recently taken over the title of Craft Brew Capital of the World. We have more craft breweries than any other place in the world. There are so many new and fresh beers always popping up, and having one after a tough workout is always enjoyable!