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Sponsor Spotlight: Xterra Wetsuits

Here are our New Year’s resolutions at XTERRA WETSUITS- We promise to…

1. REDUCE – Our prices even further for you this year.
This month receive the VENGEANCE FULLSUIT for only $295 (reg.$799)
and if you prefer the VENGEANCE SLEEVELESS snag it for only $159 (reg.$450)

We also promise to Reduce our Carbon Footprint, and continue to use green technology for all of our wetsuits.

2. REJUVENATE – We promise to bring you products that will rejuvenate your soul in 2019. This month get outside on our Yoga SUP, the BLUE WAVE. Rediscover your love of the ocean and find your peace on the waves for only $539 (reg. $1,350)

3. RECYCLE – We promise to continue finding ways to reduce waste. We recycle all of our damaged/old wetsuits by donating them to a company that only uses old wetsuits to make Yoga Mats.

As always, please email us with any questions at Eastcoast@xterrawetsuits.com or call 858-256-7327

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