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Sponsor Spotlight: Russo Racing

Peter Russo of Russo Racing was introduced to the New England TriFit club after several members raved about Peter’s swim coaching services. Upon meeting Peter in person, I was impressed by his approachable style, how relatable he was, and of course, how his 30 years of triathlon experience and swim coaching would benefit the club. For those who are intimidated by the name Russo Racing, don’t be. After meeting him in person, I thought the exact opposite. I felt comfortable and assured that he would be as invested in training a newbie triathlete as when training a professional triathlete and everyone in between.

Meet your new NETF 2018-2019 club sponsor Peter Russo of Russo Racing!

1. How old were you when you officially opened your business and what was the motivating reason to start your business?
I was 48 years old when I officially opened Russo Racing. Before that, I had been coaching part time for about 10 years, but not under an official business name. I became a full time coach because it was something I loved and I really just wanted to do it full time. I wanted to make it my life.

2. If you could pride yourself on one thing, what would it be?
I am available and very engaged with all my athletes. I try and help my athletes in any aspect that I can.

3. Name a few reasons your coaching business should be selected over competition?
I have experience and I know how to prioritize. I have been involved with triathlons and swim training for over 30 years. I have done a lot of things well but I have made mistakes along the way. As a coach, I help my athletes avoid all the mistakes I have made. Also, I have my priorities straight and I know how to work with my athletes and help them keep their priorities in order.

4. With today’s technology, why should people do business with you directly instead of using an online training app or a generalized training plan?
You can buy a plan online and it might be a decent plan, but it was not written for you – it was written for everyone. You are not everyone and when working with me, I will tailor the workouts to your strengths, your weaknesses, and will consider all the other responsibilities your juggling in your life.

To contact Peter Russo with Russo Racing, call (401) 286-2865 or email Peter at Russo@r2tri.com. Russo Racing website is http://www.r2tri.com/

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