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Member Profile – Roy C.

June’s New England Tri Fit Member Profile spotlight is on Roy C.  Roy is probably best known as “the bike guy”, because that’s exactly what he is to most of us. Not only is he one of our top sponsors, he’s the one we take our babies to for tune-ups and fittings, builds brand new ones from scratch, answers all of our burning bike questions, trains with us, makes last minute tweaks on race morning, rescues us on the course, and, if you’re really, really lucky, cooks for us.


What is your Athletic Background? I was a varsity soccer goalie and played varsity basketball in high school. After college, I spent a summer working as a bike messenger in Boston (1989) to make ends meet. Then I was essentially sedentary until 2014.

When and Why did you Start Training for Triathlons? In the winter of 2014, when I was 265lbs, I told myself that I would finish an Ironman for my 50th birthday. So I did.

What is your Most Memorable/Favorite Race and Why? My second most favorite race was my very first triathlon, a sprint, at the end of May, 2015, in Long Island. With two open water swims in my belt, I went into the ocean for the 1/4 mile swim. It took me 55 minutes. I remember laughing to myself in the water, thinking, “I’m glad I paid Debbie for this wetsuit, just in case…” On the bike, I just wanted to take it easy until I heard a whirring sound behind me, and there was an athlete on a cheap MTB, and I said, “Oh hell no…” And, of course, I cramped on the run. But I finished. My favorite race was Ironman Maryland 2017. I toed the line severely under trained, not knowing whether I would even finish. But my wonderful friend and sherpa flew down from Boston that day, met me at Bike Special Needs at the halfway point, lifted my spirits, and helped me finish with 8 minutes to spare. The next day, I proceeded to throw my medal into the Choptank River, which is something she did NOT expect, like, or understand. It resulted in the most memorable road trip home I have ever had. She drove.

What Races are you Excited for in the 2019 Season? I have not signed up for any races this season.

What do you do When You are Not Tri-ing? Cooking. Playing the guitar.

What is your Favorite Place to Run/Ride? Favorite ride is the old bike course of the Tri Mom Rhode Warrior 70.3 starting in Westerly, RI. Favorite run is in and around Newport RI.

What Kind of “Off Season” Training do you do? Watch a lot of Netflix (think about it…)

What is a Fun Fact about you? I worked at the LA Colisuem during the ’84 Olympics, controlling access to the venues by scanning badges. One day, head down, I’m scanning athletes in for the 100m. Then I see “Carl Lewis” on the badge. Then I look up…

Can you Share a Triathlon Tip? Nutrition is the foundation for training and racing.

What do you love best about being a NETF Club Member? I love that the club actively engages its club members. It takes a lot of time and effort to plan and execute all the activities, and everyone involved should be thanked and appreciated for all they do.

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