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Member Profile – Jill M.

March’s New England Tri Fit Member Profile spotlight is on Jill M; This is Jill’s second year with New England Tri Fit, but she’s certainly not new to endurance sports or triathlons. She’s one of our club members who swims at Ashland once the weather warms up, and swam there a lot last year in training for her first half Ironman (Atlantic City). This year she’s taking on the inaugural S.O.S. Cape Cod challenge, so we expect to see her doing some octect bricks (riding/running/swimming/running/swimming/running/swimming/running) while listening to K-Pop.

What is your Athletic Background? I was always very active. I played Field Hockey and ran Track in High School. In College I played Field Hockey and then even played on a coed Field Hockey team at MIT for a few years after college. I was a Certified Lifeguard in High School and College although I never swam on swim team. I even dabbled in Tennis for a few years but it didn’t stick. Through all this I kept running, a bunch of 5k’s and 10k’s. I ran my first half marathon, (BAA half) in 2004 and my first marathon, (Providence RI) in 2011.

When and Why did you Start Training for Triathlons? Due to a back injury I had to limit my running so I started swimming and biking. I did my first triathlon in 2015 when a friend talked me into doing the Dover Sherborn Sprint. I did my first Tri with 6 weeks of training on a borrowed hybrid bike and was hooked.

What is your Most Memorable/Favorite Race and Why? My favorite race is the Dover Sherborn Triathlon because it was my first one but also because of the time of year and the beautiful course. The tri is in early Sept and the weather is always great for me, a little on the cool side. You get to swim in Farm Pond which is really clean, the bike route is fun rolling hills, and the run finishes up with a victory lap ¾ around the High School track. Tied is my first IMAC 70.3 in Sept 2018. Training and racing with great friends made the IMAC triathlon an unforgettable experience!

What Races are you Excited for this Season? This season I am excited about racing SOS Cape Cod. It’s not your typical triathlon. It starts with a 27 mile bike ride then leads into a series of run/swim legs as follows: 4 mile run, .5 mile swim, 2.5 mile run, .25 mile swim, 1.5 mile run, .5 mile swim and ends with a 1 mile run. It will be challenging because there are no transition points. You are basically running to the next pond for your swim. It should be exciting!

What do you do When You are Not Tri-ing? I am a self employed Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer. I also like to read (I am in 2 book clubs) and knit.

What is your Favorite Place to Run/Ride? I don’t have a favorite place to ride/run. As long as I am with friends and can follow along and don’t have to lead I am having a good time.

What Kind of “Off Season” Training do you do? In the off season I try to get in more strength training and yoga. I also rejoined a Master swim program and continue to run and spin. This year I focused on running a bit more and competed in the Bermuda Challenge.

What is a Fun Fact about you? I enjoy K-pop music. I even took my kids to see Big Bang and BTS in concert in NJ.

Can you Share a Triathlon Tip? My favorite tip I love to share is to fold your socks down and put some baby powder in them and they go on really easy after the swim.

What do you love best about being a NETF Club Member? I love the fact that everyone is friendly and willing to share information and help you out if you have any questions. It is also great that there is always something going on within the group.

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