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Member Profile – Ginger

Ginger is a Wrentham resident. avid traveler, and seasoned triathlete. Ginger is a valued member of the board and has contributed hours of her time to get NETF up running. We can thank Ginger for keeping us connected, soliciting our feedback, and providing motivation by delivering an informative and entertaining newsletter to our inboxes every other Monday. As the club’s go-to for communications, Ginger keeps us abreast on club happenings, workout schedules and all other club news. But Ginger has proven that she is not “all-talk” by any means. Her dedication to training and perseverance through the toughest obstacles show what this triathlete is made of.

What is your Athletic Background? I was on the swim team in high school, the tennis team in college and I trained as a competitive body builder in my early 20’s. I was not a stand out in any sport, unless you count the tiny little skirts they made us wear on the court. Mostly I was and remain a dabbler in many sports, including cross country skiing, racquetball, snowshoeing, and backpacking.

When and Why did you Start Training for Triathlons? In 2009, I reconnected with a middle school friend who encouraged me to give it a try when I told him I was getting bored with the gym routine and not feeling challenged. I did four sprints in 2010, took on an Oly in 2011, and started doing halfs in 2012. I attempted my first Ironman at Chattanooga in 2017, missing the second half of the run cutoff by three minutes due to gastro distress. My second attempt is Ironman Arizona in November 2018.

What is your Most Memorable/Favorite Race and Why? My most memorable race was my worst race. It was the first one I DNF’d: the FirmMan HIM in Narragansett. It was like everything conspired against me to make it Hell day: the ocean swim was rough, I crashed and got a flat tire, barely missing the cutoff by 5 minutes, and my knees, which were injured in the crash, stiffened up during the run. I cried the whole way back to transition and home. My favorite race was the Pittsburgh Oly the same year. I came in second in my age group, and not because there were only two of us competing. It was the only time I’ve ever been on a podium in an individual event, and having it happen in my home town made it that much more special to me.

What Races are you Excited for next Season? I’m really excited (and nervous) about running a marathon in Geneve, Switzerland. It just happened to fit into a trip I was planning with my husband.

What is your Favorite Place to Run/Ride? Right now my favorite place to run/ride is in-doors. Brrrr! Seriously, though, my favorite place to ride is in Connecticut on quiet country roads. As for running, its always been a challenge for me, but I do enjoy destination runs.

What do you do when you’re not Training? Think about training; plan my training; talk about training, read about training. Other than that, I spend time with my husband when he’s not traveling and with my dogs. We also travel a lot together in our RV and otherwise, both domestic and international. Our next major trip will be to Switzerland in May.

What Kind of “Off Season” Training do you do? Rest and put on weight. At least 10 pounds. Seriously. I do absolutely nothing for six weeks after my last event and eat whatever I want within reason. Its important, and it works wonders towards building your motivation to get going again. Once I do start working out again its usually BeachBody workouts followed by at least 30 minutes of some sort of aerobic activity. Those programs work! Gets rid of those 10 pounds I packed on FAST and builds muscles in places that get neglected during tri season.

What is a Fun Fact about you? This is a tough one, because I pretty much put it all out there. Maybe too much if you ask some people. I guess the thing that would surprise most people is that I’m introverted and shy by nature. If I didn’t have to leave the house to function as a human being I’d probably be a night owl hermit in comfy jammies and slippers.

Can you Share a Triathlon Tip? There isn’t one-size-fits-all formula for nutrition, and getting it right for YOU is essential to your performance and comfort during a race. Tweak your nutrition during your training rides and runs until you find the right fit before race day.


You would never train without your… hair bands; Chew’s or Gu’s? Honey Singer all the way; Open Water or Pool? both; Swim, Bike, or Run? all of the above

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