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Member Profile – Dawn

February’s New England Tri Fit Member Profile spotlight is on Dawn. Dawn is one of our long-standing members. She’s been a runner since she was two years old and can often be found doing it day or night, fair weather or foul, with her dad and/or a few running buddies. She represents the club well while racing in one of the several kits she owns, but she’s also been known to race in a costume. If you couldn’t tell already by that happy glow she’s been wearing, she found the time between all that running around to get married last year. Congratulations, Dawn, and thanks for being such a loyal member of our club.

What is your Athletic Background? I joined the track team in middle school and then joined cross country and track in high school.

When and Why did you Start Training for Triathlons? I started training for triathlons in 2013. I watched my dad do this first triathlon in Wrentham and said, “oh I have to start doing these.” I signed up for Title 9 in September of that year and have been addicted ever since.

What is your Most Memorable/Favorite Race and Why? My most memorable and favorite race is the Patriot. I trained and worked so hard for that triathlon. The best part was coming down to the finish line seeing and hearing my family and having my dad meet and running with me while I crossed the finish line.

What Races are you Excited for this Season? Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City.

What do you do When You are Not Tri-ing? Running races (hahahaha). I also just got married and have two kittens. I love spending time with my little family.

What is your Favorite Place to Run/Ride? Anywhere that is flat (hahahaha). Yes. I know hills will help me, but I still don’t like them.

What Kind of “Off Season” Training do you do? I run a lot and train at the Y on Saturdays with the club.

What is a Fun Fact about you? I ran my first road race at the age of 2 years old with my dad.

Can you Share a Triathlon Tip? Just have fun and enjoy every minute.

What do you love best about being a NETF Club Member? Getting to do something I love with some amazing people.

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