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Member Profile – Dan

Dan is a well rounded athlete with a ready smile. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone looking like they enjoy endurance events more than Dan.  While some triathletes might choose to tackle one big race a year, Dan powered through the Boston Marathon, Patriot Half Ironman and Cranberry Olympic all in the 2014 season.  Not to mention the several sprint tri’s he breezed through as a warm up. It takes plenty of motivation, discipline and training to rack up that many races in a season, but leave it to Dan, who has an endurance sports pioneer and innovator in his bloodline.

What is your Athletic Background? I was a competitive tennis player and tennis instructor in my youth. I’ve always been very active (skiing, windsurfing and golf), but only started running consistently and competing in triathlons in recent years.

When and Why did you Start Training for Triathlons? I had run 7 marathons and was looking to do something a little different. Someone at a party told me they were doing the Escape the Cape sprint triathlon and I was intrigued. I signed up the next day and started doing laps in a pool for the first time in 15 years. I completed the race on a 10 speed that I owned as a teenager (that’s what they called road bikes back in the day). I’ve been hooked ever since.

What is your Most Memorable/Favorite Race and Why? My first half-iron at the Patriot in 2013. My legs cramped badly at the beginning of the run. I struggled but got a huge pick up when I ran into Justin. We got each other through the back half of the run which ended up to be one of the highlights of the race.

What Races are you Excited for? I’m really looking forward to 2019. I’ll most likely do another half-iron (maybe 2), the usual local sprints and of course the Cranberry olympic. This means I’m planning on more training time with the Tri Fit crew.

What is your Favorite Place to Run/Ride? There are so many great roads to run and ride nearby in North Attleboro/Plainville/Cumberland (including Tower Hill!). However my all time favorite is a sunset run on the Strand in Manhattan Beach, CA. I lived in LA for 5 years and that was SoCal at its finest.

What do you do when you’re not Training? I enjoy spending time with my wife Jen and our two kids. We’re all pretty busy with activities so its rare when we all have down time together. We’re supportive of each other’s individual activities so we all become each other’s biggest fans when we aren’t competing ourselves.

What is a Fun Fact about you? I am a cousin of Vinu Malik, founder of FuelBelt. I tried on one of his first prototypes back in the 90’s. It was basically a seatbelt with travel size cosmetic bottles strapped to the sides. At the time I thought there were about 10 triathletes in the world and he would be lucky to sell 3 of them. 15 years and an endurance sports boom later I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Can you Share a Triathlon Tip? Keep it simple. Don’t bring two of everything into transition. If you are you’re probably spilling over into my space! Seriously, use a checklist and you aren’t likely to forget anything. The one in the back of the Max Performance athlete packet is a good example.


You would never train without your… Garmin

Chew’s or Gu’s?  PowerGels

Open Water or Pool?  Open Water

Swim, Bike, or Run?   Run!

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