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Member Profile – Bob

Bob can be spotted early most Thursday mornings at the track, but don’t blink, because he is a sure testament that speed work pays off, shaving a hefty amount of time off his 5k. Bob took home a 2nd place overall award at the Mansfield Run for the Cops while sporting his TriFit top; a sweet way to represent the club for certain. When you read that the Boston Marathon was Bob’s initiation back to fitness and that he has an affinity for brutal hill workouts, track repeats and Judas Priest, you’ll realize that Bob doesn’t seem to bother with anything less than intense.

What is your Athletic Background? I was an athlete in high school, and then a complete slug until my late 30s. On vacation in summer of 2006, my wife pointed out that I was getting unhealthily large, and suggested that if I didn’t come up with a better idea, I should train for and run the Boston Marathon. Lacking any better ideas, I did just that in April 2007. I definitely got in better shape, but my knees betrayed me on the course and I limped in the last few miles. Alas!

When and Why did you Start Training for Triathlons? In the wake of the Boston Disaster 2007, I wanted to continue exercising, but incorporate more knee- friendly activities. I never was really much of a swimmer, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I still enjoy swimming the least of the three, but I love running & biking, and figure I’ll eventually reach a sort of detente with the water.

What is your Most Memorable/Favorite Race and Why? A tough choice, this. I’d have to say my most memorable race was the Buzzards Bay Sprint Triathlon in September 2012. As I noted, swimming is not my thing. I’ve had a few low-grade panic attacks in the open water, to the point of starting and then bailing on the YMCA sprint tri in July 2012. I worked with a coach to help me get past it, and completed the swim leg without panicking or resorting to an ungainly dog paddle. Progress!

What Races are you Excited for next season? Looking forward to the YMCA tri in July, fairly confident that I can complete the swim leg with some degree of aplomb. Assuming I can manage that, I’m also planning to race Buzzards Bay again in September.

What is your Favorite Place to Run/Ride? I love running right in sleepy little Mansfield. I have a few established routes that I can track progress on without having to think about where I’m going. For riding, I love putting the hammer down — to the extent I’m able to do it — on Central St. in Mansfield. When there’s not much traffic, the bike path in Mansfield is good for that, too. Bonus: Least favorite place to run is WW1 Memorial Park in NA, which I’ve come to know as Ted’s House of Creative Hill-related Horrors.

What do you do when you’re not Training? Well, work days are spent as a cubicle dweller in the glamorous and exciting world of database software development. I’m also a lifelong garage band musician, and have started dabbling in electronics, specifically building effects pedals. With two daughters, my wife and I are also fully engaged in the suburban parent/taxi service lifestyle.

What is a Fun Fact about you? I am a lifelong and unrepentant metal head. To this day, if I need a boost to get through a run, a little Judas Priest or Iron Maiden will do the trick. Also, unlike most guys, I can and will dance to the music. If provoked, I’ll dance so hard it’ll shake YOUR booty! Word.

Can you Share a Triathlon Tip? Put everything for the bike leg inside your helmet, and then put the helmet on the aerobars. If it’s literally in the way when you need to get your bike, you’re less likely to forget the helmet and attract unwanted attention from race marshals.

SPEED ROUND: You would never train without your… Garmin, Chew’s or Gu’s? Gu, Open Water or Pool? Neither? (OK, pool), Swim, Bike, or Run? (Zombies) Run!

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