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The Team Apparel Store is Open until April 26,2018

The Champion System Team Store has been opened for ordering your 2018 tri and cycling kits!
We are very excited for this year’s Kit, as we updated the design to celebrate our 5th year anniversary as a club.
Also, Justin REALLY wanted more orange!

Please note that we do not require you to order or race in the New England Tri Fit gear (however, you will look pretty cool if you do! ).
Likewise, you are not obligated to order the new kit if you have the previous year’s kits.

If you are going to order one thing (or two), we would suggest getting the Tri top and Tri shorts, or if you prefer, the full Tri Suit. These are designed specifically for tri sports and for swimming, biking and running in them, unlike the cycling clothing, which are looser and have more padding in the shorts.

At our NETF online store, we have several items that you have the option of purchasing including:
-Cycling Jerseys (with sleeves and sleeveless)
-Cycling jackets and vests
-Cycling shorts, bib shorts and Tri bibs
-Running tops (women’s and men’s options including long sleeve shirts , short sleeve shirts, and tanks)
-Tri Tops
-Tri shorts
-Tri suits
-Speed Suits
-Arm and leg warmers

The Team Store will be open until Thursday, April 26th . You will have until that time to make your selections and orders. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. Once the team store closes, no modifications can be made to the order as it will be sent directly to production. Orders that are not paid in full by the window closing will not be sent to production. It usually takes 4-5 weeks for the club orders to be shipped in bulk. We will let you know when the order comes in and how you can get your order.

If you did not have a chance to try on a kit when we had the sizing kits available, there are size charts available on the Champion website. Please keep in mind that the sizes tend to run small and snug. If you question your size, order a size up. (I would normally wear a medium top, but I bought a large and it fits me well.)

Please note that the other club apparel (sweatpants, sweatshirts, and fleece options, will be available through a different store and details will follow shortly about that online store)

A few pointers and tips on navigating the site and ordering:

1.Click of the “All Proofs” tab to see all the options, , click on the specific tab on the top, or you can filter the choices by using the u2018Select your item’ menu on the left. This will help filter the selections. You will see an image of a kit that is more generic and has the pricing. If you click on a specific item, it will bring you to our custom kit design.
2.Click on the “Proof” to see the club design. If the particular item has options, those will be shown after you select the piece. Click on whatever option you may want. Some of the options may be additional costs and will be reflected in the subtotal.
3.If you hover over a proof image, you will see a magnifying glass symbol. This will give you a closer up look of the design. The “3D” box gives you a 3 dimensional look at the kit. Pretty cool!
4.The tri tops tend to run short in the waist. REMEMBER to order the EXTRA LONG on the tri tops (unless you actually want to run in a crop top!)
5.There is a women’s specific cut for the cycling jerseys. This is a more fitted cut for women.
6.In many cases, there are two options of style/material to choose from. The “Performance” is the standard Lycra material, while the “Apex” is a hydro dry material that is a tighter fit.
Note: Most of us purchased the “Performance” or least expensive option and the quality is very good.
7.”Link” style is a more traditional cut tank, white the “Blade” is a more modern cut “Sleeveless” top
I hope that all is helpful for you and not too confusing!
Please let me know if you have any questions!