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About us

New England Tri Fit is a multisport club dedicated to the pursuit of physical fitness and the representation of the sport of triathlon within our community. We welcome members of ALL levels of interest, experience, and ability; from the first time "newbies" and age group athletes, to the elite and hardcore ultra athletes. Our mission is to help members achieve their endurance sports goals in a fun, inviting, and supportive environment. To swim, to ride, to run, and to laugh too.
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Basic Triathlon Training Plans

Are you looking to do your first triathlon or, maybe you want to jump up to an Olympic distance race, and, want some assistance in your training?  Having a club is a great resource.  You'll have plenty of experienced, and friendly, people who can help you out. We can also introduce you to a certified triathlon coach if you want a structured plan specific to your needs. But, if you're somebody who wants to do it yourself, here are a couple plans that might help you out. Sprint Triathlon Plan ...
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Sponsor Spotlight: XTERRA Wetsuits

Jay Weber XTERRA
Meet New England Tri Fit's National Sponsor: Xterra Wetsuits Tell me who you are and what you do? My name is Jay Weber and I am the XTERRA Wetsuits Regional Executive for the Northeast and Eastern Canada. XTERRA is well known for their wetsuits. What other products do you offer? In addition to both full-sleeved and sleeveless wetsuits, XTERRA offers transition backpacks, and our new LAVA Pants. The LAVA Pants are a neoprene pant that provide flotation for the legs and are great for p...
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How to make the best of a bad run

Today was the nicest day of spring so far in New England, and I just had my worst run of the year. The first 4 miles were promising, and then it started to fall apart. I ran/walked another mile, and then simply gave in to walk the final 2 miles home. It was a beautiful day and I at least enjoyed the weather, but it’s always tough to not have the workout you planned. When you train 6 days a week, you have to accept that not every workout is going to be great. The key is to assess what went wro...
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