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Sponsor Spotlight: Allan Litchfield with Light Minded Photography

Meet Allan. When Allan isn’t sitting behind his computer working as a Software Architect, he’s outside photographing what he loves most – people. It took 20,000 photos and 12 years of photography before Allan decided to get serious about making something of his natural talent. In 2015, he joined the Stonybrook Camera Club located in Franklin, MA and has competed in several photo competitions.

Allan’s story of being a photographer is heavily entwined with his role as a parent of three Boy Scouts. Over the last twelve years living life as an Assistant Scout Master, Allan has seen children in a variety of scenarios where they must be resourceful, responsible, kind-hearted, and compassionate. These moments provide an abundance of photographic opportunities. Some he has captured on film, some he says “you just have to be there”.  Allan makes his Scouting photographs available for free to the scouts and their families. His “secret hope is that these scouts slide their photographs safely under their beds, and, many years later, take it out for their children and grandchildren to show them the story of their childhood experiences, accompanied with stories and fond reflections of a youth well spent.”

His photographic efforts are named Light Minded Photography since photography is all about light and every image tells a story; therefore, he is mindful of the story he is trying to capture. He photographs people and enjoys doing family portraits, senior portraits, portraits to “thru-hikers” completing the Appalachian Trail, and weddings.

To read more about Allan’s work with the Boy Scouts, read his contributing article in Reflections, a publication of the Stony Brook Camera Club.

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